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by Audrey Hart

Reflecting on my own experience, it’s such an honor to work with these children

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"Coming from a family who struggled financially when I was young, I understand how important basic needs such as housing and financial stability are to overall child development and mental health. It’s truly an honor to provide these children a safe and calm space to navigate what they are facing," shared Audrey Hart, practicum student with The Center.

"The clinical work at Interfaith Family Services is so important to me because it resonates with part of my story. I was two-years-old when my family lost our house and moved into a small two-bedroom apartment. I shared a room with my three siblings and it was a chaotic time for our family. Wondering if we would ever live in a house again, my parents struggled to make ends meet and see a bright future ahead.

"The stress my parents faced during those years was insurmountable as they sought to provide for our basic needs and lived most days in survival mode. Without the help of Habitat for Humanity, it’s likely my life would look very different than it does today. Through the generosity of Habitat for Humanity, my family was given affordable housing and that changed the course of my life. My parents were able to get financially stable and the stress of being in survival mode decreased significantly.

As I look back on my childhood, therapy is something my siblings and I would have benefited greatly from during that time and that is why it is such an honor to work with these children.

"Through play therapy and expressive arts therapy, I work with the children to help them learn how to recognize and regulate their emotions as well as help them develop confidence in themselves. Equipping them with coping skills and the ability to understand how they feel will help them navigate future hardships they face. Whether a session is spent doing an art activity to express their emotions or is spent teaching them coping skills, one of my greatest hopes is that the therapeutic space is a calm and safe environment where they know they are seen and heard. A lot of these children are in therapy for the first time, and I hope this first therapeutic experience sets a positive tone for their overall view of mental health. It’s such a joy to play a small part in this season of their life.

"Providing therapy to children at Interfaith Family Services, an organization that seeks to help families on the verge of homelessness, has been one of the greatest joys of my clinical internship experience with The Center."

About Audrey
Audrey spent the last eight years working in Higher Education with young adults, helping them navigate transitions and work through various life issues. Her cross-cultural experience of living in South Korea as well as working as an International Student Advisor shapes the way she seeks to understand and help each individual she works with. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Counseling.

About PACT
Families living in communities of generational poverty face invisible barriers to receiving life-saving counseling – such as language, geography, transportation, finances, and social stigma. It’s a brutal cycle. Mental illness prevents families from finding stability and ending the cycle of poverty, and children from reaching their potential in school.

Our mental health services help clients being served at our 11 PACT partner locations develop transformational skills that have generational impact. Counseling and psychological assessments are offered for children, teens, families, and adults.

It is only through the generosity of individuals like you that we are able to provide these life-changing services to those who would not otherwise have access to them. Invest with us.

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