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Cornerstone of hope

Mental health is the crisis of our time. It impacts one's ability to work, go to school and have healthy relationships. Regardless of age, socio-economic status or background, we all have a mental health story – past, current or future.

The Center has been a part of these stories for more than 50 years, helping people in crisis, relational turmoil and facing pain regain order and hope in their lives – from trauma, marital conflict, abuse, children struggling at school, addiction, suicide, to loss.

Our work intersects every major part of our lives – education, work, faith, and physical health. We collaborate across sectors of society – churches/faith communities, health care systems, businesses, schools from Pre-K to universities, community nonprofits, and the legal system.

While physical health is viewed as more tangible than mental health, there’s an increased understanding that mental health is essential to one’s well-being.

Collective impact

With our expansive geographic reach and our innovative, extensive collaborations, we serve many through the counseling, assessments and education we offer.

  • In 2019, we provided 26,000+ counseling sessions
  • 30+ locations from Arlington to Rockwall, and McKinney to Waco
  • Served 3,500+ children, teens and adults with counseling and assessments
  • Led workshops and mental health education for 7,000+ individuals
  • Children and families living in poverty who have experienced trauma and depression receive care through our innovative frontlines Partnerships for Accessible Counseling and Training (PACT) program at 11 nonprofit locations.

Cornerstone for well-being

The Center has an extraordinary opportunity to build on its rich history. We have purchased and are ready build out and renovate a new Central Office designed for today and the next 50 years.

The Center’s new home will be the most important step we will take toward advancing mental health care in 2020 and beyond – giving all people access.

The Central Office will be an oasis for healing, learning, gathering, and growing – a central “mental health care hub” for our clinicians, clients and the community.

The 10K-square-foot building will be designed with therapeutic child-friendly spaces for children, teen and families, welcoming and accessible surroundings, and well-equipped training facilities for the professional development of our clinicians and the training of new clinicians needed to meet the demand for quality counseling.

Cornerstone Vision Sheet

MacArthur Floorplan

25-page Presentation

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