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In the spring of 2020, we heard from clients who had lost their jobs. Families, parents and children were struggling. There was an uptick in suicidal ideation from teens and young adults. Keeping clients connected to counseling was crucial.

As a result, The Connect Fund as created for clients who had lost their jobs and/or insurance during COVID-19. Nearly half of our clinicians have been able to extend help to clients providing hundreds of hours of counseling sessions.

“The Connect Fund is a lifeline for those who are suicidal," said Dr. Jane Toler, staff therapist. "And I know there will be much more need in the future, especially for young adults and adolescents. People need to feel connected to others and as this (COVID) continues, we're seeing a significant increase in anxiety and fear; shock, denial and despair."

From one of our marriage therapists: "I have a couple in marriage counseling and their finances were really tight before the pandemic; then the husband lost his job. Their marriage was falling apart. The husband was severely depressed and suicidal. Through The Connect Fund, I was able to continue seeing the couple together and individually. During a time when they needed counseling the most, we've been there for them and they can see the impact of counseling. They're doing really well now. They're extremely grateful and so am I."

"I have a young adult client who is a social worker who saw her hours reduced and was finally laid off. She was feeling hopeless and distraught," said Robin Howard, LPC, staff therapist. "She had a lot of difficult things to work through and because of The Connect Fund, we didn't have to stop that important work. She's now equipped to go back on the job search and continue her career of helping others."

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