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Make an imPACT.

The need for mental health and improved access to services has never been greater. We seek to strengthen our Partnership for Accessible Counseling and Training PACT program, continue to recruit highly-qualified, compassionate staff and continue to raise awareness about the importance of addressing mental health across communities to bring mental health, wholeness and resilience to the families we serve.

The innovative PACT program involves collaboration with nonprofits offer a variety of services within communities. Our therapists are co-located within these organizations that provide social services such as medical services, food and clothing distribution, after school and summer academic support, and job training. A trust has been fostered between individuals living in the communities supported by these organizations allowing individuals to be more receptive to receiving mental health care. We provide care for trauma related issues, anxiety, depression, and behavior related issues that can affect school success. We provide mental health screenings, counseling and trainings for our PACT partners.

Children are provided with Play Therapy, Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, general counseling for social stressors, grief, school issues, and assessments. PACT supports school readiness and academic success. The program helps children be more prepared for school and equipped for learning and helps parents and caregivers serve as strong advocates for children.

Funding allows The Center to strengthen the work of our PACT partners and continue our important work in West Dallas. We’re able to further our mission to deliver high quality, accessible counseling, training, psychological evaluations, and educational testing to children and families who would otherwise not receive these life-changing services. Our vision is that through accessible counseling, assessments, and training, people across communities can be self-aware, mindful, and resilient to reach potential of who they were created to be – to be healthy and whole.

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