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What does Tele-Counseling look like?
Tele-counseling can be done via a phone or video on your electronic device (iPad, laptop, desktop computer). You are sent a link to your session through our tele-counseling system.

What about my privacy?
Your privacy is our upmost priority. The Center follows all HIPAA (Health Insurance Portable Accountability Act) compliant guidelines to ensure the privacy of clients with tele-counseling.

How do I pay for tele-counseling?
Insurance and Employee Assistance Plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, are covering tele-counseling. Payment, whether you are choosing to use insurance or not, is safe and simple.

Is tele-counseling new?
Tele-counseling is not new. At The Center, we have been able to provide counseling remotely to clients in the past who are homebound, traveling or had scheduling conflicts and were unable to come into our offices.

Is tele-counseling available to new clients? Absolutely yes. Now more than ever, we want to me remove barriers and make tele-counseling accessible to anyone who wants it. Call our main line 214-526-4525 to schedule an appointment and we’ll match the right therapist for you.

How do I prepare for a tele-counseling session?
We recommend finding a quiet, private place away from others and distractions, so you can focus on your session as you would when coming into the office. We recommend using our video option as much as possible.

How long will my session take?
Your tele-counseling session, similar to an in-office session, will be 45 to 55 minutes long.

May my child or teen do tele-Counseling?
For younger children, we focus on working with parents. By consulting with parents, we are able to help the child and the whole family with strategies and skills. Youth may do tele-counseling, while still engaging the parents with consultation.

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