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We believe that well-⁠being is found at the center of emotional, mental and spiritual health

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Testing and Assessments

Tips on navigating life’s changes and challenges

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The Center helps people of all ages and stages navigate life’s challenges. 

We work with kids, teens, young adults/college students, adults, and couples to find meaning as they face life's changes and challenges. We believe with the right tools and insights, people can grow through their struggles to live the life they were meant to lead.


We address the health of the whole person.

That’s why our approach isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our team includes counselors and psychologists with a wide range of licensure, educational backgrounds, and specialties. That means you have access to individual counseling, and testing & assessments all within one organization. We explore what’s going on mentally, emotionally and spiritually, honoring all faiths and the role faith plays in people’s lives.


Our vision is to make mental health care accessible for everyone -⁠ we provide counseling where you live, work, play, and pray.

In addition to our main location, we partner with schools, churches, doctor’s offices, and other organizations to expand the reach and availability of professional mental health services. Through our Partnerships for Accessible Counseling and Training (PACT) program, we make our services available to clients at local non-profits. You’ll also find us giving talks and facilitating workshops to share our knowledge about key mental and emotional health issues that affect our communities.

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