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No matter where you are in your career, The Center is a warm, welcoming, dynamic place to practice. We are hiring. Join our team.

The Center offers a collegial, fun, and engaging environment in which licensed therapists and psychologists enjoy a psychotherapy or assessments practice that fulfills their personal goals as professionals.

At The Center, clinicians can have the best of both worlds – the ability to develop their ideal practice as well as have the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary organization that focuses on ongoing professional growth and continued learning. All of this growth and development without the hassle and expense of running an office. We’ve been providing therapy in North Texas for more than 50 years. We currently have 30+ clinicians including residents working on licensure.

We are currently seeking qualified LCSWs, LPCs, RPTs, and bilingual therapists (click for job descriptions) who share our values and mission/vision. Download an our application today at the bottom of this page.


The Center Staff therapists and psychologists have offices at our main office building at 4305 MacArthur Ave near Lemmon Ave and the North Dallas Tollway, just south of the Park Cities and close to downtown Dallas and Uptown. They also have the opportunity to work in locations across North Texas.

A Collegial, Interdisciplinary Community of Mental Health Professionals

Every Friday, The Center staff meet for a devotional and weekly updates. This encouraging time allows us to grow as a staff family and creates a healthy and supportive culture unique in our field. On alternating weeks following the devotional and announcements, clinicians participate in continuing education workshops led by staff or professionals from the community that qualify as CEUs for any of the Texas licensing boards and group case consultation during which clinical staff consult with each other on cases in small groups.

Masters level practicum students, post-doctoral psychology residents, and those working on becoming LCSWs, LPCs, or LMFTs participating in The Center’s Training program receive supervision from Center clinicians credentialed as supervisors by their licensing body and participate in a weekly training session that includes didactic presentations and case conceptualization presentations.

Referrals and Community Recognition

Through networking done by The Center and staff therapists and psychologists, relationships with referral sources in the community, marketing supported by The Center, and credentialing with insurance companies, therapists and psychologists have the potential to build and maintain a thriving practice. Clinicians may receive direct referrals that they generate in the community. The Center staff regularly lead workshops in and for the community for schools, parent groups, churches, and businesses. The Center is frequently featured on WFAA-TV/Channel 8. Clinicians benefit from networking done as an organization and are given marketing tools to use in networking as individual therapists.

Unique Opportunities

Staff therapists also have the opportunity to provide services at one of The Center’s satellite locations offering the clinician the opportunity to connect with referral sources in communities across North and Central Texas.

The Center makes mental health care accessible to the underserved through community collaborations with clinics and social services organizations that provide services to the uninsured and underinsured. Opportunities are sometimes available for clinicians to be paid for providing services in these collaborations. While participation is not required, therapists find it fulfilling to serve part time in such a capacity and pay is offered based on funding raised for the project. The Center offers an adjusted fee scale. The Center’s residents who are working on licensure receiving supervision and earning hours at The Center and practicum students from area counseling graduate programs typically provide counseling for those who qualify for the Adjusted Fee Scale. Staff Therapists may choose to work with clients on the fee scale and in some cases may receive subsidized funding for these sessions from The Center’s Client Assistance Fund.

Integrating Faith and Spirituality in Therapy

The Center values the role that faith plays in life and relationships and we intentionally integrate faith and spirituality in our practices as clients bring their own faith into their counseling. While we do not impose our own beliefs on clients and we work with people of all faiths, we do care holistically, recognizing the inter-relatedness of spirituality and emotional well-being. We are faith-inclusive.

A Business Infrastructure to Support Your Practice

The Center’s Client Services Team manages scheduling, phone intakes, reception, insurance verification if the clinician takes insurance, and billing. In addition to staff support, the electronic record-keeping, scheduling, and billing system paid for by The Center makes managing a caseload simple. The Center handles insurance credentialing, scheduling, reception, and billing among other services that take care of the business side of the work.

The following are some of the benefits and services that The Center provides to clinicians:

  • Practice liability insurance
  • Credentialing for insurance panels and EAPs
  • Payroll Taxes including Social Security, Medicare, and state unemployment
  • Merchant services percentage fees for credit card payments (3%)
  • Employer sponsored health insurance plan options
  • Practice management software
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Testing/Assessment instruments
  • Billing and collection services
  • Client Services support –scheduling and rescheduling
  • Intake and new client processing
  • Client information forms including HIPAA compliance
  • Records management including records request support
  • Reception service and waiting room
  • Office space and utilities
  • Phone, internet, and fax
  • The Center email account
  • Website information for practice
  • Referrals from Insurance Companies/Partner Organizations/Community
  • Marketing for The Center therapists
  • Microsoft Office 365 - Up to 5 licenses for Office suite
  • Business cards and target collateral materials
  • Use of printer and copier and needed supplies
  • Continuing Education opportunities

Pay Structure

The Center utilizes a percentage based distribution of revenues from therapy, assessments, workshops, and other services in order to cover operating expenses for the practice business infrastructure. A percentage of fees collected by clinicians covers the overhead costs associated with the business infrastructure provided by The Center. The Center staff therapists may choose to take insurance or not be credentialed on insurance plans. If the clinician chooses to be on insurance plans, The Center provides the business support for credentialing and billing.


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Return application, letter of interest and CV to:
The Center for Integrative Counseling and Psychology
Attn: Human Resources
4305 MacArthur Ave
Dallas, Texas 75209

or via email to this address.