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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality counseling, training, psychological evaluations, and educational testing that equip people to grow through life’s changes and challenges.

Our Vision

Our vision is that people across communities can be self-aware, mindful and resilient to reach the potential of who they were created to be.

Our Values

In all that we do, The Center commits to:

  • Being trustworthy and compassionate
  • Treating all with respect
  • Collaborating for community impact
  • Honoring the role of faith in people’s lives

How We Accomplish Our Mission and Vision

We make our counseling and psychological assessment services geographically and financially accessible by:

  • Offering an adjusted fee scale for those who do not have insurance
  • Through our PACT program with community organizations that are meeting physical, financial, and educational needs in the communities they serve
  • Through practice locations and programs located at clinics, churches, physician offices, health care systems, and community centers

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