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Amy Powers, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

After my first career as a Vice President at Fidelity Investments, where I met my husband of almost 25 years, I was blessed with the role of MOM of twin daughters. Since 2015, I have served as the Chief Operating Officer at The Center. Prior to joining The Center, I had the opportunity to teach English to middle schoolers in Highland Park ISD. Teaching middle school students was truly a rewarding experience that I would not trade.

I am passionate about making high-quality mental health care available to children, teens, families, and adults. I am also passionate about helping reduce the stigma connected with mental health. I truly enjoy supporting our amazing mental health care professionals- they are changing lives! I grew up in Texarkana, Texas and am an only child. I earned my business degree from Baylor University (Sic’em!) and my M.B.A. from the Braniff Graduate School at the University of Dallas. Along with my parents, I believe these two institutions helped shape me and equip me to be a part of The Center’s mission. Even though I may not have walked your path, I want to understand and appreciate your journey.

I enjoy collecting vintage stamps, creating spreadsheets, reading, and hiking.