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Maggie Hamrick

Supervised By
Shannon Hamrick, MDiv, LCSW
  • Canine Good Citizen designation, American Kennel Club
  • Animal Assisted Counseling Academy, Texas State University
  • Manners 2, What a Great Dog! Training Center, Richardson, Texas
  • Manners 1, What a Great Dog! Training Center, Richardson, Texas


As a co-therapist with my mom, I help create a calm environment. I believe all people are pretty awesome and I support everyone in being their full selves in our office. I can be a companion when the work is hard and can help people relax, lower blood pressure, and feel better. I get a little nervous in new situations sometimes, so I think people who choose to come to therapy are brave and deserve extra support when needed. I might even give a little kiss for encouragement – my mom can’t touch clients, but I sure can! I like to be touched, too – especially behind my ears, on my chest, and down my back. Clients get to choose if they want me to be near them or not, and I get to choose, too, so it’s a safe place for everyone.

Maggie is a Havanese, born in 2021. She is hypoallergenic and does not shed. She likes eating apples, carrots, and dog treats of all kinds. She loves playing with her Havanese cousin Gundam, playing fetch with her toys, and hanging out on the couch with family. She knows her basic manners (sit, stay, down) and learns new tricks with a little patience. When she’s excited, she “gets the zoomies” and runs at top speed around the yard or house. In her free time, Maggie likes to go on walks, sit on laps, and enjoy a chew stick.


  • Canine Good Citizen designation, American Kennel Club